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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Ipswich’s Titans continue to grow thanks to E.ON UK donation

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Ipswich’s Titans continue to grow thanks to E.ON UK donation

Members of the Ipswich-based AFC Titans football club are looking forward to a successful season thanks to a £500 donation from energy company E.ON UK.
Peter Bonsall, 26, of Ipswich, who has worked for E.ON for two years, started the club in August 2006 with his brother and four fellow E.ON colleagues.

"We decided to start the club because we didn't think we were good enough to get into any of the other local teams," said Peter.

"But since then the club has really grown and now we've got a squad of 24.

"As you can imagine, it's expensive to run a football team of any size, and the money we received from E.ON will come in really handy.

"It'll help us to buy all of the kit we need to get through another cold winter on the pitch, and we'll hopefully finish further up the table this season!"

E.ON supports its employees by recognising and rewarding the voluntary activities undertaken in their own time.

E.ON UK supports its employees' favourite charities by matching funds raised through sponsorship and other activities undertaken in employees' own time;

E.ON UK donates grants of up to £250 to charities and not for profit organisations in recognition of any employee who has volunteered for more than 80 hours of personal time. In 2006, E.ON donated a total of £34,000 to more than 140 organisations to recognise the efforts of staff who volunteered over 23,000 hours of their own time.

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