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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Derbyshire Scout group receives a good deed from an E.ON employee

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Sandiacre Explorer Scout Unit adolescents can carry on enjoying their great outdoors camping adventures thanks to a donation of £250 from E.ON, one of the UKs leading Business Energy companies.
36 year old Nigel Dumelow of Sandiacre, has been an EON employee for more than two decades, whose most recent appointment for the company was as a unit operator, based at the Power Station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar, a spectacle which is well-known to a lot of people in the Derbyshire region.

Regularly volunteering as a Scout Leader at the group, Nigel takes the youngsters on weekly camping trips. In addition to this, Mr Dumelow takes the kids canoeing, sailing and on walking trips.

Nigel states, "I've been involved with the Explorer's Unit for over 28 years, ever since I joined as a Cub when I was eight, and just never left because I enjoyed it so much".

"I've been a leader for over 16 years and I look after a group of 25 kids aged between 14 and 18. It's great as I not only teach them the skills to safely enjoy outdoor activities, but we also take them on trips regularly - we recently spent a week away in Ireland which was fantastic.

"The money from E.ON will really come in handy as it means we'll be able to replace some of our tents and camping equipment which have almost worn out from over-use!"

UKs biggest Energy Electricity providers E.ON assists its work force by acknowledging and compensating the all activities under taken voluntarily in their spare time.

One of the UK's leading Business Gas companies E.ON is producing and dispensing electricity, in addition to selling power and gas. They are also the worlds principal shareholder-owned power and gas company. About 18,000 UK residents are employed by EON.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

E.ON energy gives £19,000 cash injection to Jesmond swimming pool for solar development

Eon, one of the United Kingdoms largest Business Energy Suppliers, has presented a gift of £19,000 as part of its SOURCE commune scheme to help with the expense of establishing a thermal system powered by solar energy at Jesmond swimming pool.
All monies will be applied to assist with paying towards the cost of the solar panels for the roofing, which in turn will impart heat for the water in the swimming pool itself. Trustees of the swimming pool hope that this solar thermal installation will be the biggest of its kind in the North East of of the United Kingdom.

Community Relations Executive at E.ON, Sarah Green, states: "We're delighted to be able to contribute towards this exciting project for the North East as part of our new SOURCE scheme, which is designed to help community groups get sustainable energy projects off the ground.

"The pool's trustees are determined to lower its carbon footprint and we're confident that the addition of this solar thermal system will bring down its energy bills."

It is hoped that the new solar system will prevent the emitting of around 5,500kg of carbon dioxide every year, and so that visitors can keep an eye on its output, a unit will be located at the pools lobby area which will show how much emissions are being reduced.

Chief executive of the Jesmond Swimming Project, Glenn Armstrong stated: "We're delighted to have received this funding, without which we would have struggled to pay for such an important installation.

"By using solar power, we are demonstrating to the local and wider community the importance of controlling our carbon footprint, and at the same time reducing our annual power bills."

One of the UK's Business Gas Suppliers, Business Electricity Suppliers and leading green electricity generators, E.ON, initiated its SOURCE support early this year to aid in the expenses incurred for sustaining energy projects for buildings in communities.

The SOURCE website backs up the fund, it also grants access to information and guidance for groups in the community looking to generate their own energy and become more energy efficient or from sources which are more sustainable.

Full details of how to apply for a grant, can be found at our website

21 December 2007 is the next cut-off date for applications for funding.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Community hall at East Leake recieves energy boost from E.ON

Energy company E.ON has given A £650 grant was given to St Mary's Hall in East Leake under its new SOURCE community scheme to increase its energy proficiency.
All money will be applied to install insulation between the ceiling joists in the Grade II listed building just as winter sets in.

Community Relations Executive with E.ON, business electricity providers said: Sarah Green, stated: "The community's already worked hard to reduce the amount of energy used by the hall and to reduce its carbon footprint. That means they've had to balance the requirements of maintaining a listed building in a conservation area with making it more sustainable.

"And we're confident that the addition of this insulation courtesy of our grant should make it more comfortable for users, as well as bringing down energy bills.

"This is exactly the sort of project our new SOURCE scheme is designed to help, by providing the information and funding community groups need to get their sustainable energy projects off the ground."

St Marys Hall dates back to the Victorian era, with an additional room added to it in the 1960s. There are several groups locally who regularly use the hall, it is widely hoped that the new insulation will hearten more people to use the facility.

Manager of St. Mary's Hall, Patricia Brown, states: "We're grateful to E.ON for giving us the opportunity to make the hall more energy efficient. The insulation will help in retaining heat more effectively for our hall users."

One of the UK's leading green electricity generators, and business gas providers E.ON, commenced its SOURCE fund earlier on in the year to assist with the expenses of maintainable energy projects for buildings in communities.

The SOURCE website backs the fund up, the website offers information and advice for community groups looking to save energy or create their own energy from a maintainable source.

You can find full details of how to apply for a grant, at

Deadline for all applications for funding is 21 December 2007.